…sprouting mind..

One cannot occur without the other, consciousness and its power, male and female, sun and moon, it is Shiva-Shakti Tantra unity.

“Second-hand knowledge of the self gathered from books or gurus can never emancipate a man until its truth is rightly investigated and applied; only direct realization will do that. Realize yourself, turning the mind inward.”

Tripura Rahasya, 18: 89

Do it, it’s you, you, you!

Yoga helps to connect, physical exercise, flowing into motion and frozen postures, enlivened by breath, enlightened through prana, the very essential universal power, the force unites the physical body with the universe, the supra consciousness itself.

Duality, controversial opposites, the contrary, resistance melts into all pervading omnipresent oneness.

Consciousness is the soul (Purusa) it’s status is inactivity,  being the  observer and activity is bound to the material nature (Prakrti) and it’s phenomena – both form, with countless attributes, this what is perceived as the empirical world and experienced as life.

— Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung… Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung —


…wipe the slate clean…

..Every word spoken has immense power, because it is thought in action, the first step towards creation. There is an invincible power in every word one speaks!  We are a human beings filled with unlimited possibilities, and the words one  speaks can either build a jail around one’s self, where one may see only limitations, or they can set one free to live one’s life without any limits. Change one’s thoughts, the spoken words will change  and thus one’s will change your life!…

Mani Stones

Dharamshala, McCloudganj, near the Templegrounds of H.H. the 14th. Dalai Lama

Bindu to Ojas

Bindu is dot or point in Sanskrit and Ojas literally means vigour.

There are many stories and discussions going on about these two terms.

Some associate Bindu with the term “Hiranjagarbha” or golden Egg of the Rigveda, the very source of all creation, the Big Bang, the universal germ!

The Bindu chakra is located at the back of the head, there where some Indians leave a small tuft of hair.

It’s closely related to Vishudda Chakra which is located in the throat/neck region.

Vishuddha Chakra is associated with the thyroid gland and with success and failure, nectar or poison in ones life.
It reigns over creativity and self expression.

Guilt is a clear sign that this Chakra is blocked and so with hinders Kundalini Power to move upwards.

Singing and playing instrumental music can aid to clean and open up Vishudda, it’s Bija Sound is HAM.

It represents the Aether (Akasha) Sphere.

And it is said that here at the region of the Bindu Chakra a fluid is produced, the fluid of immortality.

This brings us to Ojas the “fluid of life”, standing for endurance and mental strength, as well as mind body balance.

It is produced in the process of digestion and forms “body tissue” (Dhatus)

Sexual Energy controlled, turns into Ojas, which in turn will make the person more attractive.

From the Seed to the Universe, inside-out, the Α and the Ω the beginning and the end, Purusha (Universal Soul) and Prakriti (Nature, Manifestation)

And it is thus that the entire creation visible and invisible, all materia, all lifeforms are, the space holding this,  understood to be the manifestation of all constituents of  “nature” through the action of the supra consciousness of this Purusha! (skrt. literally meaning “cosmic man”)

According to the RigVeda his eyes are the Sun, his mind is the Moon and his breath is the wind….

Suryanamashkar and pranayama, breathing exercise, or controlled breathing, all of a sudden get a very different meaning…



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