just walking…

…just love to take long, extended walks for hours, with no real destination, just for the fun of it, be with me and myself for days, weeks, months never ever had the thought arising to be lonely or discarded, the exact opposite, the more I let this idea of a thing we understand as “me” or “I”, fall into the unexplored abyss of utter silence, the more this “I” feels deeply fulfilled, with all that which surrounds this, which feels like “me” or “I”…and this unsung happiness seems to emerge from a deep satisfaction of simply being, like a full moon rising from the depths of the velvet night, illuminating the pitch black darkness, bringing back shapes and forms, it feels as if the very inner core of this being is laughing joyfully out loud and is dancing the tarantella!



“Old soul”

It’s nothing but a fantastic, die hard illusion created by experiencing the world around us through the senses, this makes the “soul” an individual being of some sort, but it is nothing then immaterial universal awareness, call it conscious awareness which isn’t tied to an individual body, it is all pervading immanent omnipresent in all and everything there is, therefore timeless without age, nor birth or death – unplug now!

Wintereinbruch_Ostern 321.jpg


As it is once again the time of the year, the beginning of a new cycle, natures resurrection, when we reflect, take a look back, take stock and see what the year has brought us, or fill the coming year with wishes, castles in the clouds, dreams to come true, is the time to remember that whatever, wherever, whenever It is always this very moment we are, never ever at any given moment we are anywhere else except right here and now at any given situation, always forever in all eternity!

“Everyone and everything is in it’s rightful place and therefore unique, therefore irreplaceable and perfect in itself, nothing needs to be changed, like a stream of water gushing down from the mountain, touching this and that, filling crevasses, and polishing rough rocks, changing it’s course of flow, here and then, it all happens by itself, no need to interfere, just witness, all is in it’s very place, in seemingly chaotic harmony!”

Chaos is the result of division, harmony that of unity.

Sab Ek – All One



Vibes, resonance, energy…

How can we make ourselves believe in ourselves?

Open the eyes and have a GOOD look at it all, who is it that sees, hears, tastes, loves, likes, touches, feels and what a miracle that alone is, now take all this, extend it to everything around this body, the world, the oceans, lakes and rivers, the mountains, the deserts, forests and meadowlands all brimming with life, so rich and diverse, so beautiful and perfect, the planets, the universe, awesome breathtaking, yet all is energy, nothing but energy in free flow creating all this, we ourselves have come to this conclusion because our intense urge to understand, to explore and expand, to understand what all this is all about… it’s all incredible energy, radiant vibration and resonance, now quantum physics come to a point where it looks very much that the outcome of a certain experiment is influenced by the one who is conducting the experiment, where does this lead us to? Is it that consciousness isn’t confined to our body and brain functions, but that we all, all animate and inanimate are within consciousness?

Is it this understanding that is so incredible breathtaking, that some have no other explanation then to invent an absolute abstract, unexplainable creator who created all this, then immediately the question arises: “who or what created him?”

We are it, as simple and mind boggling as it might at first glance seem – it is as is and that’s it!

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Sab ek – all one!


Easter aka Eastra Eostre, Ostara

As Easter, the festival of resurrection is approaching, I like to share a few thoughts regarding it’s origin:

The first Sunday following the full moon after the event of 21st. March spring equinox, was chosen for celebrations in early European heathen cultures.

The origin of the word Easter has been traced back to be of Saxon origin Eastra (Eostre, Ostara) was the goddess of radiant dawn, of up springing light, as well as of springtime.

She is the Maiden Goddess, full of potential, representing the opportunity of growth and rebirth after the stagnation of winter.

There are several different translations of the meaning of her name:- East, dawn and morning light indicating the returning warmth of the sun’s rays and the lengthening days.

In Germany her warm nature is still marked by bonfires lit at dawn on the Spring Equinox.

Some trace it even back to the Sumerian goddess “Ishtar”, which in turn brings it full circle, into the middle east, the birth place of the so called Christian faith, an offspring of the abrahamic religion of the Hebrew faith, which in turn might very well have it’s cradle in the early Sumerian cults of which quite a lot of evidence could be preserved, the most baffling is the ancient Sumerian Inanna-Ishtar’s famous myth about her descend to the underworld, the similarities again are strikingly startling.

However, before Christianisation, which began approx. 6th. century, pagan Anglo-Saxon, German as well as Norse tribes celebrated the return (of the light/sun).

Eastra/Eostre/Ostara for 2 days in the month of April, when spring was due to arrive and with it the resurrection of nature (in the northern hemisphere), renewal, rebirth from the death of winter.

Quite obvious similar parallels can be detected within the event of “Christmas”, settled around the winter solstice of Dec. 21st. When the nights are longest and days are shortest. In norse culture the festival of Jule (Odin) or the German Mōdraniht are celebrated! Similar festival are the Iranian Yalda and the Indian Divali!

Enjoy the upcoming full moon, it’s energy, the holidays, be blissful and stay centred!

Saab Ek – All One



looking inside..out..

If we take a good look behind the drawers containing all those folders, neatly dividing everything into selected categories, to which the busy mind is confining any thing and any perceived event experienced, we may find out what this greatest show on earth with the simple title “life” is really all about:

We all are human beings, before race did split us, religion parted us, politics and national identity separated us, education conditioned us, money and it’s definition of wealth classified us into something we’ve never were meant to be, we are All One.” !!

Purpose of life is living, creativity is it’s gardener, painter, architect, actor, poet, name it, grow wings, take off and be a-live!

Sab Eek – All One



more thoughts on yoga…

Yoga wasn’t designed to be reduced to a modern times fitness program, to show off the latest yoga mat and body gear, neither about hedonistic artistry shown off at yoga Olympics!

The science behind this 4 letter word is aiming by far much, much deeper into every aspect of life.

Yoga is a radical smart combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices leading to the very core meaning of the word yoga (join, unite) with the cosmic, universal consciousness.

Yoga will slowly but surely lead one to the mastery of the monkey mind to lead one to the experience of one’s true nature, yoga is certainly not just a slimming program of modern times.

How? Stop asking questions, sit down on your butt, close the eyes, watch the breath and see awareness arise, stay there, take an all-out bath in this serene silence, everything else will join step by step!

Saab ek – all one



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