He who kisses the joy as it flies,
lives in eternity’s sunrise…“

~ William Blake ~


Understanding Yoga…

The word Yoga is widely understood as Union, which in turn has nothing to do with any specific Nation, Religion, Belief or any other form of Sectarianism, often mistakenly labelled as “occult”, “esoteric” and as “mysticism”, by those who have no clue at all about this ancient science.

It is the art of very specific exercises which aim to bring union with the isolated understanding of a self (atman) towards the union of some „higher dimensions“ of life, understood in yogic or tantric practice as paramatman, in the process paramatman will be replaced or merge into what is understood as parambrahman or universal consciousness in universal oneness.

(There are many, many other traditions or schools, not to get lost in that, at their very base they are all the same, finally leading to the same results!)

The process in hatha yoga is generally started with practice of asana, pranayama, physical postures, breathing exercises and thoughtlessness-one pointedness, are the tools to prepare the body and psyche to dive into meditation. To keep it simple, thus activating the pool of a dormant energy, trapped after approx. 49 days following conception, at the very base of the spine at the so called Muladhara chakra, situated at the very base of the body while seated in cross legged position, spine upright (can be done sitting on a chair, feet firmly on the ground, as well).

One approach of this path is through hatha yoga, „ha“ stays for sun and all it’s connected energies and qualities, „tha“ for moon and it’s qualities. The idea in yoga is that there are 3 major „channels“ in the body through which cosmic life energy flows, the flow can be energized or “awakened”, feeding some 72.000 Nadis or energy channels of the whole body.

One is connected to „moon energy“, the other to „sun energy“, the 3rd one is understood as shushumna or the major channel through which the once „awakened“ primordial life force can move from Muladhara through all the energy centres (chakras) of the body to sahashara at the very top of all energy centres and will lead to enormous benefits.

The human system is a microcosm of the macrocosm, it has by nature all the values of the universe, but we forgot or „misplaced“ this knowledge. The human body is the product of accumulated energies from Earth (Muladhara – Food), Water (Swadisthana – Liquid), Fire (Anahatha – Digestion and Action), Air (Breath) and Space (acquired knowledge and memory)….all this will at a certain time return to these base elements!

By today there are many, many ways to attend and many more of so called „guru’s“, still there is a single simple way to go, cause Gu-ru is centred between, a little above, the eyebrows – „Gu“ means darkness „Ru“ means Light, yet if one never starts, one will never ever reach the destination – do it, just start going – it doesn’t matter which vehicle may choose, may it be bhakti, raja, laya, kriya, hatha, kundalini, vipassana… or, or, or – just GO!


If happiness would happen to rain upon you, would you open an umbrella?

If not, why don’t we allow happiness just raise from within, from it’s only and original source, why do we keep it in the shackles of the steadily wavering mind?



All One – Sab Eek

Anyone worried?

While planet earth is spinning at a speed of 1,669.8 km/h at it’s equatorial axis, which makes it a day and performing a mind blowing 107,278.87 km/h while orbiting the sun, within that time planet earth moves a breathtaking 149,597,870 kilometres on its orbit around the sun..which makes it a year! The sun and the solar system appear to be moving at 200 kilometres per second, or at an average speed of 720,000 km/h – feeling bored or worried about your hairdo, driving a Ferrari, Porsche or something else – dig that!

Wintereinbruch_Ostern 226

All inclusive…!

No rejection, no attachment, no wish, no want, there are no “others”, just choice, it’s an all Inclusive package trip, no charge, no fees, Inclusiveness, none else no less – choose wisely!

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Contemplation of the day…

In Reality, knowledge, the knower, and the knowable do not exist.

I am the transparent Self in which through ignorance they appear.“ 

~ Ashtavakra Gita 2.15 ~


Essence of Tao

“Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free.

Stay centred by accepting whatever you are doing.

This is the ultimate.”

~ Chuang Tzu ~

Taoist Poet, 370BC – 287BC


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