Well, I like green tea, lotus, jasmine, chrysanthemum, Zen, clouds, the sky, the moon, the  sun, the milky way, funny people, palm trees, the tropics, Asia in general, things Asian, Indian food, the Himalayas, the seas, beaches, Bali, walking, appreciate sitting in silence, solitude, living with gratitude in modesty…. well this would just come down to a list of places and things “I” love, appreciate or disapprove off… which would be rather limiting facing the wholeness of this all and would be therefore not only very restricting but also be highly unfair regarding all which “I” haven’t seen, touched, smelled, felt, tasted, heard, experienced or been yet to and this must be far, far, much, much greater then everything “I” had the pleasure to experience till now, so how could “I” judge, as one can never know what’s next….

Saab Eek – All One!

Namastas’je, namo, nama…


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