universal carbon filter..

…filter this, filter that, don’t use this, don’t use that, I wholeheartedly hope that this universe is biodegradeable! And doesn’t need to be disposed off as hazardous waste! If so, we would be in real trouble!

Remember: Nothing can be added, nothing can be taken…

yep, I really wonder these day’s, running many years ago a bio-farm myself, making sure not to produce any non-biodegradeable waste, leave wrappings and packages right there where they belonged to, if there was no other way possible, it had to be recycled in one way or the other.

But then if one follows up modern science findings, there is nothing that can be taken nor added, really, so they say, then what is the hype, what is the craze all about?

If there can nothing be taken, nothing be added, why did the buddha go on this strenuous quest of self realization, did nobody tell him or did honestly nobody know, or did nobody want to keep him from finding out himself that it was all more or less nonsense? Is this all just a giant comedy show? Much seems so nonsensical, like birth it’s the ultimate death sentence, no escape, no parole, no pardon! Then why there is still capital punishment? After all, it’s just making things easier for the perpetrator, it’s like taking a short cut, it doesn;t really seems much of a relief, but if one really thinks about all this nonesense, not much, if not all makes sense anymore!

Does it?

Ah’ it’s about balance, about equilibrium, about duality, we can’t consume crude oil, as much as we became dependend on it, as much we became frugal towards it’s use, as much as the use of these resources made humanity more mobile and represents a huge treasure chest of all sorts of chemicals, medicines, fertilizers, pestizides, fungizides and… yes, name it, also came with a very, very dark side, attached to the other side of the coin, poisoned rivers, poisoned seas, polluted cities…. shining cars, stainless steel, chrome and glass palaces, all iliuminated by the power of this sticky, stinky deadly mass, in the midst of it all we celebrate, live, dance, laugh, smile, cry, eat, breathe, think, create and destroy… after all it’s life itself and doesn’t make sense – or does it?

So, where is the filter?


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