one of these days…

The knots of the heart are untied and all doubts are resolved'”


“One who knows Brahman becomes Brahman”

The knowledge of Brahman is not dependent on human action. On what does it depend then? It is dependent on nothing but (Brahman) Itself, it expresses itself through it self!

Self-Realization depends on the Nature of Brahman Itself in which the knots of the heart are untied. Rise of knowledge cannot be described by any means whatsoever.

There are no doubts that the very Quintessence of Universe expressing itself through the Rishis, the Seers, the Yogis, the Sadhakas and Sanyassins, them trying to save these wonderful Insights, Revelations and enlightening Illuminations in Prayers, Chants, Praises, Poems and Sutras, in uncountable Volumes like the Vedas, Upanischads, the Puranas, the Geeta and the manifold of other scriptures, literature, poetry, music and art?

If one reflects on all these wonderful, magical workings of Quantum mechanics, Astrophysics, gravity, all that what matters and doesn’t matter in life, as with matter and antimatter, the various lifeforms, animate and all inanimate, our forefathers and today’s aboriginals, pagan people, the heathen, praying to and worshiping the sun, the fire, the moon the planets, the mother, to rocks, trees, rivers, springs, to snakes, elephants, bulls, tigers, eagles, cat’s, rat’s…..

The Brahman expresses itself in the inanimate as well as in the animate plans in such amazing ways that it is simply breathtaking… breathe in breathe out… is worhshiping only one aspekt of it all, or if wise enough all in this one aspect

– Om –



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