10 days passed, 80 more to go….

Time flies by, 10 days on the mat, the 11th will be completed this evening, getting into the mood, still adjusting to the heat. I am sweating profusely,the towel is wet after each session, wonder if this will ever stop?

Doing Vinayasa, downward Dog,little Cobra, flow, flow, flow awkward Pose (Utkatasana) into Tadasana, the Treepose ah’ well you know.. the whole nine yards of Ashtanga Poses.. Mon, the current teacher is doing a pretty good job leading the flock through the Poses..riding the bike back home is an experience by itself, as the studio is a bit “out in the bush”, lots of trees and greenery, give a very pleasant smell into the evening air, flowers, earth, this typical tropical scent of rich warm and moist air, above the stars, Venus very bright hanging above the Mountain, a moonless night.. I feel wonderful, enriched by all these pleasurable impressions, the smell, the warm air, gliding home, with big bright smile on my face…


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