…back on the mat..

Challenging, at  37 C and humidity at 88%, but still, after the 90 minutes have passed and one finds him/herself relaxing in Savansana, sinking into the floor like molten wax, flowing in and out with the breath, is extraordinarily rewarding, some 15 or 20 Minutes later under the shower… and it’s bliss!

Following some extracts from a book by Swami Rama i found very inspiring:

“will happen to us after death? Who experiences hell and heaven? It is that unique experience called the individual soul, the unconscious mind, that experiences them. The soul is pure; it is our essential nature; it is pure atman. You are inside a vehicle, the jiva that experiences pain and pleasure. The jiva is the union of atman and the unconscious mind. The jiva is a vehicle full of memories, desires, and wishes. Atman, when linked to the unconscious mind, is called the jiva. Without the unconscious mind, you are
pure atman. That is called moksha, or liberation. The moment you realize that this is your essential nature, that you are pure atman, you are free. When this occurs you have not lost your identity; you still have your individual identity. You are a nucleus and this universe is your expansion. You are not merely a part of the universe. Atman is not a mere part of Brahman. It is not just a small spark. Atman cannot be
diminished. You are essentially atman, but you need expansion into para-atman. You need to realize this, and not merely through mental analysis. To realize this you have to practice, and to practice you have to understand what creates problems for you and what becomes obstacles in your life. Suffering is a result of ignorance. To know your final goal is to finally leave behind the world of suffering.”

-Path of Fire and Light, Vol. II,
pp. 40-42-


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