back onto the mat…

…since Sunday I am back into the Absolute Yoga Studio, yesterday first “hot” class since 5 month’s  time, since I am sweating very easily and a lot too, it turned out to be quiet an effort, after 60 Minutes or so…to go  on, even there were a lot of rather simple stretching, Pilate style, practices, but phew…. almost blew my mind, at least it gnarled away bit by bit of my stamina and with it strength.

However I do have the impression that here in the tropics, the actually “felt temperature” and the very high humidity, adding the perspiration, generated body heat of the other participants in the studio,  should be taken under careful consideration by the organizers, specially by the teachers present, at times I simply had the feeling to breathe steam instead of air… sure everyone has a different level when exhaustion set’s in, but besides “losing weight” what is this supposed to be – Yoga?

I start to have doubts, about the health benefits of Yoga-Style Aerobics in Sauna conditions, and getting really curious about proper monitoring of the climatic conditions in the premises… as I am aware that in places with opposite, dry dessert style  conditions, there are humidifiers in use!

Is anyone aware about the climatic values/rules, are there any set conditions for the training facility, or does this all happen by rule of thumb”?



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