One may just take a good look at a lake’s reflections, when those reflections are at their best, the lake is dead calm.



Yoga – the great union…

Ignorance is the cause of the barrier between me and them, or I and it… the flowering of consciousness, awareness of itself will slowly but surely break down that barrier, which is the cause of all the problems we are facing, keep it neat, keep it clean, keep it in good order, share, being honest and thankful, will make the divine in it all sprout, to finally bring about it’s original unity with all!

Saab Eek – All One



breathless in awareness..

Singularity in Multiplicity, interconnectivity in real time of all and everything, any time in no time.

Saab Eek – All One


Do it, it’s you, you, you!

Yoga helps to connect, as it’s aim is to unite through physical exercise, mind and body flowing into motion and frozen postures, enlivened by breath, enlightened through prana, the very essential universal power, the force unites the physical body and mind with the universe, the supra consciousness itself.

Duality, controversial opposites, all contradictions, resistance melts through the alchemy of yoga into all pervading omnipresent oneness.

Consciousness is the soul (Purusa) it’s status is inactive oneness,  being the  observer,  activity is bound to the material nature (Prakriti) and it’s phenomena of manifestation – both form, with countless attributes, that what is perceived as the empirical world and experienced as life through the bodily functions by the senses of perception.

Sab eek – all One


Hiking the spiritual maze..

Genuine, deep self experience or what is understood as enlightenment sets in when the doors of perception are completely shut and the “slate of conditioning, attachments, memories and hung up’s” is swept and wiped perfectly clean.

Let’s take it this way: It is like we decide to go for a hike, we want to go from A to B, unless we start to actually go, not allowing to get lost in packing and organizing, worrying about the terrain, the weather, the perfect hiking boots, insect repellent, clothing, the tent, the horoscope, the maps and so on, unless we actually start, we will never ever go anywhere, simple as that!

Once we started, we are on the way, sure there certainly will be bumps, boulders, obstacles to circumvent, steep hillsides, creeks to cross, at any time under any circumstances, any imaginable setback is possible, the other possibility is to conquer it all, life isn’t choice less.

But being on the way, walking the spiritual path of the mystics, that and only that is of major importance, it is of utmost importance on the way, not to lose sight of the target, not to get lost by the beauty of landscapes, fantasies and such, surely one may enjoy the sights, the experience of the scents and sounds of nature, while on the way, but never stop going, never lose aim!

Well, as the attentive reader might conclude: in fact the target is not a real, fixed target like destination point “B” on a physical hike, at first the way is the target and that, with lack of active awareness is easily out of focus.

Once one is completely sunk into the focussing on awareness, one is already there, has reached the target, in the here and now, all else will slowly but surely unveil by itself – just keep focus an awareness – BE!

Sab Eek – All One


…on silent wings..

Extraordinarily funny, but a hard fact, that which sees through the eyes, hears through the ears, tastes, smells, feels, can’t be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, touched, not even baptised, nor does it know hunger, nor thirst, nor does it require a dress code, but still it’s present as the witness, without shape, form, or a body, yet it’s the only one all this is all about, amazing isn’t it?

As the sun’s rays heat up a body of water, makes the water vaporize, turn up into space, forming clouds, some atmospheric conditions make the vapour condense evermore and finally fall down as rain onto anything that happens to be beneath, soil, forests, fields to nourish all without any discrimination or preference… then gather in tiny streams, to join rivers, which flow finally into the ocean to join it’s original source, a home to zillions of creatures, forming coastlines, islands and make them disappear again, yet there is no one doing something, no architect, no engineer, no planners, no controllers, no heavy equipment, no bricks, no concrete… so do “we” in cycles, with the only exception there is no “me”, “we” or “I”, only this incredible all pervading, omniscient energy that moves this all, since ever, forever, that’s all there is – have a beautiful day, everyday, every breath – stay in touch within awareness!

Sab Eek – All One


The play we call life…

Like many others “out there” I walked many paths in life, climbed many mountains, stepped down in many valleys, visited many countries, met many friends, brothers and sisters, drove along many roads, seen many rivers, oceans, lived through many stories as they unfolded, experienced illness, pain, sadness, loss and win situations, after all nothing, none of it ever changed anything for good, except bringing slowly, but surely a crystal clear clarity about the fact, that the one who experiences all of this invited or uninvited, always remains disentangled the same, after realizing this simple truth, nothing can be bothering any more, a peaceful fulfilment has filled the inner core of the heart with a rock steady silent contentment from which joy shines bright as thousand suns on the worlds little dramas and grand shows passing by, in the play we call life, in which we all are the actors and observers at the same time, all comes as it may come, none of it we can influence, nothing needs to be done, all will be done! The trick is to learn that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, it’s only trickery of the mind, remain cool, calm and collected, watch the show go on, keep chopping wood and carry water, sip some tea and share some cookies!


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